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Party Bingo offers traditional 90 ball bingo and the 75 ball pattern game, and in both cases the visuals are very impressive. Bingo tickets are on the right of the display with the chat window in the centre and the numbers board above.

party bingo

Game and account details appear on the far left and at the very top of the display. It all looks very sleek and much organized, but we were surprised to find that we couldn’t find a way to enlarge the display window or play in full screen mode.

For online bingo software that is downloaded we think this is something that should be addressed in a future update, but fortunately the game itself is more than good enough to offset this oversight.

Party bingo offers huge jackpots like a massive shopping trip with fabulous clothes, shoes, and handbags, and free bingo at Party Bingo. When you register with PartyBingo you will get £5 Free. That means we're offering players £5 free.

Just sign up to start enjoying the games straight away. Simply follow the steps to get this offer.

STEP 1: Click ‘Play now!’

STEP 2: Register a new account

STEP 3: Click on the Cashier button and fill in your details to receive your free £5 within five minutes

The number of options that PartyBingo provides is impressive. Numbers are called by a regular male caller by default, but if you visit the Audio tab in the Preferences menu you will be able to select "fun" mode.

When this is activated the caller, who is again male, sounds like one you might hear at a seaside resort or in an episode of the Phoenix Nights television series. Other options allow you to change your daubing style and color, automatically sort your strips or cards and change the size of the font in the chat window.

Progressive jackpots are paid out to players who can make a full house (or a coverall, as appropriate) before a certain number of balls have been called.

There are also plenty of non-bingo games here at Party Bingo, and many of these have substantial jackpots as well. An "Instant Bingo" game offers a game that appears to be a cross between regular bingo and keno, allowing players to enjoy playing bingo against the house as opposed to against other players.

The prize paid out here depends entirely on how long it takes you to make the required pattern.

By and large, Party Bingo is top bingo site that is let down only by the lack of a full-screen display mode. Player information is extremely secure and a customer service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Play bingo

The basics of the game are that you get, or buy, a randomly allocated Bingo card, which has grids with numbers on. Some balls with numbers on are randomly selected and you check your card to see if you have that number, and tick it off on the card.

play bingo

You’ll win a prize if you are the first to tick off all the numbers on your card, and it’s called Bingo brain. That’s the basic game, which can then be jazzed up to offer prizes for certain numbers, or a pattern on the card, or first person to complete a card in a set number of balls etc.

To increase your chances of winning you buy more cards (but this will cost you more). When you play Bingo face-to-face in a hall, you have to check your card, and make sure you tick off the numbers (hence the caller shouting "Eyes Down").

When you play Bingo on-line, your card is automatically checked for you, so you do not have to be quite as alert, or even paying any attention. Typically a Bingo card is very reasonably priced, at 10p to £1. Big prize jackpot games will have more expensive cards, or a minimum purchase value of £5.

To play online Bingo you have to register on the game site. It’s the same in a Bingo Hall, or gambling Casino, the site needs to know who you are. If you are play internet bingo for money, just open an account and cash in on a no deposit bingo bonus before you start playing. with the Bingo site and deposit money into that account to play.

Any winnings are credited to this account for you to withdraw or use to play again. Before you commit to spending any money, many sites let you play for free, but you still need to register your details. As a new player, a site may offer you some free points, which you convert to cash to start playing.

When you join a game you will not be alone, there will be lots of other people also registered at that site who are playing, and most offer a chat room facility for you to ‘meet’ your fellow players. You may find you chat a lot more at an internet Bingo site than in a traditional bingo hall where it’s not always so easy to talk to strangers.

Once you are online you will find there are sites dedicated to Bingo, and other sites that offer all sorts of gaming from roulette through to Mahjong.

Five years ago you could count the number of Bingo sites on two hands, now there are hundreds in the UK, thousands worldwide, in line with other forms of gaming. As a woman aged 30-50 years you’ll find that you are the main type of player, but men do play, as do other age groups.


Bingo lingo

Most of the people are not called by their real name when they are at home. Like Tom would be the person’ name at home which is called the pet name or the nick name but in office he might be called by a different name like Mr. Peterson.

bingo lingo

Have you ever thought that the bingo numbers which are used in bingo also has got pseudo names? This bingo lingo section is very interesting as you will come to know the alias of some numbers which are used in the game.

Many of the numbers have nicknames, which are displayed with them, sometimes by way of re-affirming which number has been drawn. The nickname typically refers to a rhyming, cultural or visual reference connected to the number in some way.

For instance number 1 is habitually referred to as Kelly’s Eye, which is a reference to one-eyed Australian gangster Ned Kelly and number 22 is referred to as two little ducks since the number two could be considered to look like a swan.

In church halls and community centers across the country the cry of ‘legs eleven’ can be heard, to which the game players often respond with a wolf whistle!

Here are some of the aliases commonly referred to during a game of bingo:-

1. Kelly’s EyeAl the...
11. Legs eleven.
13. Unlucky for some
16. Sweet sixteen; never been kissed.
21. Key of the door.
22. Two little ducks
44. Droopy drawers.
55. Snakes alive.
57. Heinz varieties
66. Clickety-click.
77. Sunset strip
88. Two fat ladies.ind....
10. Tony's Den
50. Bullseye
60. Three score
70. Three score and ten.
90. Top of the shop.

Some numbers have more than one nickname for example 66 could be ‘clickety-click’ or could also be referred to as ‘all the sixes’ or number 10 can be referred to as ‘Gordon's' Den’ or ‘Cock and Hen’ or even ‘Big Ben’.

Single digits are usually referred to as being on their own i.e. "on its own - number 4" and multiples of ten are referred to as being blind! For example – "Five-Oh, blind 50".

As the modernization of bingo increases, no doubt bingo's most endearing feature will remain an integral part of the game and much of the bingo lingo has been carried over to online bingo games.